Run4Care is a small, but mighty team of givers and a couple of feisty breast cancer survivors who are committed to helping women get the financial, medical and psychological care they need to thrive and survive the big 4: Breast Cancer, Heart Disease, Stroke and Diabetes.

While the goal of many organizations is to raise money for research or a cure for the big 4, we believe it is also important to help women right now who are dealing with these healthcare challenges!

Proceeds will benefit:

Pink Lotus Foundation
American Diabetes Association
American Heart/Stroke Association

Green Power

Run 4 care


Griffith Park, LOS ANGELES

The Run4Care 5k/10k run & family fun festival mission is to raise money for the care of women who are facing one of the 4 top health issues: Heart Disease, Breast Cancer, Stroke and Diabetes.


Meet us at the crystal springs picnic area!




Griffith Park

4730 Crystal Springs Dr,
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Email: info@run4care.com