The Run4Care 5k/10k run & family fun festival mission is to raise money for the care and support of women who are facing one of the 4 top health issues: Heart Disease, Breast Cancer, Stroke and Diabetes.

Millions of women are diagnosed with these 4 life threatening illness every year and incur huge medical and hospital expenses. They often need assistance with insurance co‐payments, treatment‐related travel, mental health care, meals, lodging and basic living expenses, but are too afraid or embarrassed to ask their friends or family for help.

Through the Run4Care 5k/10k, runners or event participants can raise money for women they know or do not know who are facing one of these 4 challenging health issues. They can also donate money to a treatment facility or non-profit organization that provides free health care services.

each dollar Counts

Each race dollar counts for a woman in need of care!  By asking friends, family and co-workers to participate in Run4Care and donate money, event attendees can make the following possible for an individual, friend or loved one:

Raise funds for women with heart disease, breast cancer, stroke, diabetes and other health problems who cannot afford to pay for all of their care.

Donate money for free mammograms and breast health services to women in need through local treatment centers.

Create women’s health awareness by collaborating with health organizations to offer free screenings and information during the event.

Foster education, promote support groups and celebrate



Meet us at the crystal springs picnic area!




Griffith Park

4730 Crystal Springs Dr,
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Email: info@run4care.com